Game two 8/18/13

This game begins with gintsu heading toward the market/bazaar with the money purse of bigboy. On his way there he spotted what he would come to know as a messenger leaving in a rush out of the city, which we just learned was dangerous once night hits. Apparently messengers ward a circle at night around them hopefully protecting them. Gintsu learns where the guild halls and civil buildings are located. The rest of the party finds gintsu and gets informed as they head to the marketplace.

The marketplace being a bust for the party after a rather odd meeting with a salesman named Ali. The party eventually headed to the messenger guild while gintsu headed to find someone in which to enact an evil deed for the day. Bigboy Washington and Stevb learned about the application process for the guild including an apprentice ship, time qualifications and a mission to spelunk ruins.

The tits on that chick are pretty sweet.

After we all met up and proceeded to get horses gintsu prayed to his god The Stranger for some assistance in gaining a permanent horse. After the stable and stable aster catch fire the party ran in and out gathering supplies to forge a bill of sale for the horses. Once all of the party had escaped the burning stable with permanent horses in their possession gintsu headed back to the guild for a map to their journey while the party waited by the front gate.

As they arrive at the location they discover a small oasis with a moderate sized cave with insignias drawn inside and places to tie up the horses. Each character drew their insignia on the wall, bigboy’s was an octopus whose tentacles were facing spread out with an eye where the mouth would be, Stevb’s was all of his letters in your name drawn over each other, and gintsu’s was the hand with an eye in the center. Thus they each began walking downward into darkness.

The dungeon proved challenging but as we neared the end and subsequently escaped we were each given specific abilities to aid us in this world and defeat the demon menace. Just as we escaped we came across our destroyed horses as a wave of sand, earth, and mounted flying demons attacked the area.


Korvin_Ras Cathos

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