Game night 3 10/5/13

Tonight started with the entire party aflicted with the strange malady of talking like a dark knight that guards a far off city….

As we exit the tomb with the setting sun behind us, we notice that the horses are still alive while the wispy strands of the desert sand begin to form into the demons we’ve come to know as invincible.

After we got our shit rocked… Steveb finally activated a mysterious power repelling the demons. One managed to get through but was quickly dispatched. As the next morning arrived and we headed toward town we came across a dirty cabbage salesman that gintsu killed and carved the symbol of his god to his chest. We then headed toward the messenger guild to meet back up with Bert who told us to go to the ruin in the first place. We handed him our artifacts that proved our mission was a success. Bert then told us we passed but in order to avoid the lengthy training process we had to complete another mission to take identical, bags to two places. Lowsa got the bag that needed to go to Muda while big boy semper held the bag that needed to go to St. Hel.

Each of us for various reasons then headed to orphanages to gather shielding or fodder for the coming journey. Big boy was able to buy 15 children wild. Lowsa and gintsu found puppets being passed for children. After the but,et that was presiding over the children was killed the truth was revealed and we headed down the trap door that was suddenly visible.

Steveb headed to the residential district and found gintsu’s last target and upon feeding and refreshing his thirst left him in the road. He then found another man who was trying to speak to his love but had a horse throat. He ran down to his love named Hellen and guided her to this other mans love.

Lowsa and gintsu both decided on a mutual understanding of continuing sexy times as well and one person being traded to lowsa with the rest going to gintsu each time they find a group of people together but only after gintsu does a test to determine psionics.

Big boy determined his favorite among his fifteen while the three of four children got selected to Jon gintsu for training while lowsa got a small girl to train who she named traveling apprentice. Gintsu from then On. Began training his crew in psionics to make a blitzkrieg unit.


Korvin_Ras Cathos

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