Game night 3 10/5/13

Tonight started with the entire party aflicted with the strange malady of talking like a dark knight that guards a far off city….

As we exit the tomb with the setting sun behind us, we notice that the horses are still alive while the wispy strands of the desert sand begin to form into the demons we’ve come to know as invincible.

After we got our shit rocked… Steveb finally activated a mysterious power repelling the demons. One managed to get through but was quickly dispatched. As the next morning arrived and we headed toward town we came across a dirty cabbage salesman that gintsu killed and carved the symbol of his god to his chest. We then headed toward the messenger guild to meet back up with Bert who told us to go to the ruin in the first place. We handed him our artifacts that proved our mission was a success. Bert then told us we passed but in order to avoid the lengthy training process we had to complete another mission to take identical, bags to two places. Lowsa got the bag that needed to go to Muda while big boy semper held the bag that needed to go to St. Hel.

Each of us for various reasons then headed to orphanages to gather shielding or fodder for the coming journey. Big boy was able to buy 15 children wild. Lowsa and gintsu found puppets being passed for children. After the but,et that was presiding over the children was killed the truth was revealed and we headed down the trap door that was suddenly visible.

Steveb headed to the residential district and found gintsu’s last target and upon feeding and refreshing his thirst left him in the road. He then found another man who was trying to speak to his love but had a horse throat. He ran down to his love named Hellen and guided her to this other mans love.

Lowsa and gintsu both decided on a mutual understanding of continuing sexy times as well and one person being traded to lowsa with the rest going to gintsu each time they find a group of people together but only after gintsu does a test to determine psionics.

Big boy determined his favorite among his fifteen while the three of four children got selected to Jon gintsu for training while lowsa got a small girl to train who she named traveling apprentice. Gintsu from then On. Began training his crew in psionics to make a blitzkrieg unit.

Game two 8/18/13

This game begins with gintsu heading toward the market/bazaar with the money purse of bigboy. On his way there he spotted what he would come to know as a messenger leaving in a rush out of the city, which we just learned was dangerous once night hits. Apparently messengers ward a circle at night around them hopefully protecting them. Gintsu learns where the guild halls and civil buildings are located. The rest of the party finds gintsu and gets informed as they head to the marketplace.

The marketplace being a bust for the party after a rather odd meeting with a salesman named Ali. The party eventually headed to the messenger guild while gintsu headed to find someone in which to enact an evil deed for the day. Bigboy Washington and Stevb learned about the application process for the guild including an apprentice ship, time qualifications and a mission to spelunk ruins.

The tits on that chick are pretty sweet.

After we all met up and proceeded to get horses gintsu prayed to his god The Stranger for some assistance in gaining a permanent horse. After the stable and stable aster catch fire the party ran in and out gathering supplies to forge a bill of sale for the horses. Once all of the party had escaped the burning stable with permanent horses in their possession gintsu headed back to the guild for a map to their journey while the party waited by the front gate.

As they arrive at the location they discover a small oasis with a moderate sized cave with insignias drawn inside and places to tie up the horses. Each character drew their insignia on the wall, bigboy’s was an octopus whose tentacles were facing spread out with an eye where the mouth would be, Stevb’s was all of his letters in your name drawn over each other, and gintsu’s was the hand with an eye in the center. Thus they each began walking downward into darkness.

The dungeon proved challenging but as we neared the end and subsequently escaped we were each given specific abilities to aid us in this world and defeat the demon menace. Just as we escaped we came across our destroyed horses as a wave of sand, earth, and mounted flying demons attacked the area.

Night 1 7/22/13

Introductions and discoveries were made at the manor between Gintsu Stormcloak, a deceptively charming human looking figure save for his oddities, eyes that faintly shined green and hair that was made of many colors in the wind, yet showed dark in stillness.
Stevb (Steev-b) a human with decrepit and twisted possessions who’s beauty knew no match for the time being. Dressed as a Paladin yet clothed in menacing gear he was highly suspicious but was a team player, for now.
Bigboy and his friend Washington, easily half-giants by their size were quick to accept sticking together. Whatever their real machinations are, are unknown for now. Sayings abound to keep your friends close but your enemies closer, we shall see in time what they believe the rest of the party is.
And finally Lowsa, our female half-elf who’s main feature of note aside from her stealth and magic allure are her giant breasts. Reluctant to be a team player she charged money to her new acquaintances for a taste of her healing potion. Near the end of the players manor stay she had warmed up to Bigboy and Washington, giving them back their gold and sharing the potion with Big boy and Washington to carry a massive barrel of healing potion.
One by one each member of party began disappearing and arriving in a desert upon touching various items of the manor. And one by one they made their way to:

Lethtran desert oasis city. New city in the old tongue.
Gintsu arrived and was accosted by the local steampunk guard as one by one each of the other party members were whisked away from their strange manor rendezvous and into the same desert Gintsu found himself in. They each arrived at different times and discovered strange creatures attacking the city as well as discovering that upon nightfall the city is attacked by demons of some type. The only protection for the city seemingly large and innate runes covering all of the massive walls surrounding this oasis of a city. Lowsa noticed a tower seige on one par of the city and barley escaped a demon attack as she made her way inside. While all but Lowsa got arrested for not having an identification, of which, the party learns, is permanent and after a vehement negative toward that option the party was granted an audience with an oracle of sorts, of Ordan. When the pary leanred the history of the location they find themselves in.
The continent of Thesia used to have millions of inhabitants until “they” appeared. The strange ace of demons that rise from the planets core each nightfall to feed upon the people of the world. They reduced the population of the world down to a few cities that still stand to this day. The only known protection from these demons are the runes covering each city. “Wardens” as they are called renew and teach this type of magic to those that wish to learn it, and are highly prized for their powers.

The party was told of a Warden named Thom that they should seek out. It was in doing this work for the city that they would not be required to carry identification. Once Thom was found (and once Stevb and Lowsa stole from an offering bowl) Thom was found and together the party made it to the wall. Thom did quick work through the night and eventually once all was well Thom began explaining the introductions of Warding to Lowsa while the rest of the party either meditated or slept. We begin the next session after Gintsu has taken money from Stevb and Bigboy, for reasons unknown to the party.

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Honored Guests

In your hands you hold a rather finely written letter. The letter is stamped shut with red candle wax with the emblem of a twin headed lion. opening the letter reveals fine black hand writing:

Dear honored Guest

You are summoned to the manner of the late Thom Dwelvel. The late mister Dwelvel was a great oracle and prophet of some renown and as his executor I must inform you that your name is on the list of important people to summon. As such you are asked to come to the manor at once and accept your respective inheritance.

see you shortly,
Master Arminas

And so as the letter ends you find yourself on the path to the manor of Thom Dwelvel and your mysterious inheritance.


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